Julien Baker "Turn Out The Lights" LP

Julien Baker "Turn Out The Lights" LP

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Julien Baker’s solo debut, 'Sprained Ankle,' was one of the most widely acclaimed works of 2015. The album, recorded by an 18-year-old and her friend in only a few days, was a bleak yet hopeful, intimate document of staggering experiences and grace, centered entirely around Baker’s voice, guitar, and unblinking honesty. 'Sprained Ankle' appeared on year-end lists everywhere from NPR Music to The AV Club to New York Magazine’s Vulture. 

With her new album, 'Turn Out The Lights' (out Oct 27th via Matador Records), the now 21-year-old Baker returns to a much bigger stage, but with the same core of breathtaking vulnerability and resilience. From its opening moments — when her chiming, evocative melody is accompanied by swells of strings — 'Turn Out The Lights' throws open the doors to the world without sacrificing the intimacy that has become a hallmark of her songs. 

Available on clear vinyl and orange vinyl!

Download included in record via Matador Records, but not available instantly.