Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters "Smashed Full of Wonder" LP (Marble Blue Vinyl)

Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters "Smashed Full of Wonder" LP (Marble Blue Vinyl)

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A major retrospective of late '80s psychedelic garage rockers Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters! Their complete recordings remastered and pressed on limited color vinyl, includes two previously unreleased tracks!

The album comes with a deluxe 24 page booklet, featuring never-seen before photos and a history of the band written by Jowe Head, of Television Personalities and Swell Maps fame.

A mainstay of the indie and C86 scene, the London-based band were signed to Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld Records. Treacy, the genius behind The Television Personalities, played a major role in the band’s birth, contributing a few songs and as producer.

Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters were described at the time as like a cross between The Jefferson Airplane, MC5 and The Velvet Underground. The band was primarily comprised of singer Emily Brown, guitarists Sandy Fleming and Gordon Dawson, bassist Phil King and drummer Ray Philpott. Equally adept at producing hard charging rockers or more languid, opiate-tinged soundscapes, Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters were part of the DIY culture that helped shape British guitar music.

UK Import.