Gang of Youths "MTV Unplugged (Live in Melbourne)" 2xLP+DVD

Gang of Youths "MTV Unplugged (Live in Melbourne)" 2xLP+DVD

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MTV Unplugged (Live in Melbourne) is the first live album by Australian alternative band Gang of Youths.

Gang of Youths were the first band to record a MTV Unplugged live in Australia. The album includes nine tracks from their album Go Farther in Lightness and one from their EP Let Me Be Clear.

Gang Of Youths bassist Max Dunn said the performance was a "pretty important moment" for the group. Dunn said "It's a cool chance to do something a little different and stretch ourselves and give the fans a little more experience of the songs. That's kind of the main thing. In terms of MTV Unplugged, it's an important thing from back in the day and it's cool that it's happening and we get to be a part of it."

The recording took place at Cobblestone Pavilion, West Melbourne on 25 July 2018 and was broadcast on MTV Australia on 19 August 2018.