About 6131 Records

We are an independent record label, started in Huntington Beach, California and currently operating from various locations across the U.S. We are dedicated to releasing great music by people we like, spanning a wide range of styles.

Pressing Information

For complete pressing information about 6131 Records releases, visit this page.  If you have any questions about a specific version of a release, feel free to ask about it via Tumblr.

Contact Info / Mailing Address

General Information

Label Owner

Label Manager

Publicity / Radio Inquiries

U.S. Webstore Customer Service

If you would like to mail something to 6131 Records the old-fashioned way, here’s the address:

6131 Records
P.O. Box 8372
Richmond, VA 23226 USA

If you want us to check out your band, please email us links to where we can hear your music online (don’t mail us CDs… save your money). More than likely, if you send us attached MP3s we will delete your email. We listen to every link we are sent, but please be patient about getting a reply. If we’re interested in working together, you’ll definitely hear from us.

Wholesale Distribution

INgrooves (North America)
Chris Cefaratti

6131 Records – Direct Sales (Worldwide)
Alex DiMattesa

Fontana North (Canada)
Andrew Roach

Revelation Distribution (North America)
Vadim Taver
Phone: +1 714-375-4264 ext. 222

Revelation Distribution (International)
Vique Martin
Phone: +1 714-375-4264 ext. 233

Deathwish Inc.
Mark Connolly
Phone: +1 978-712-0157